Why RSCN needs your support right now?

Our wildlife and beautiful landscapes are in ever-increasing danger. Everyday habitats and species are being damaged or destroyed by uncontrolled development pressure, over hunting and intensive agriculture. We need people to show they care and provide public support to our natural heritage which is vitally needed to endure to the next generation.


Membership Benefits:
Make a difference:
you will be helping to save Jordan’s natural heritage for you and your children.
Find adventure and education: you and your family, young and old, can explore our beautiful nature reserves and enjoy activities like hiking, bird watching and camping.
Keep in touch: we provide you with information about RSCN and its activities, as well as information about conservation issues affecting Jordan
Save money: enjoy a special discount for all our natural reserves activities, that include: free entrance fees, 15% discount on accommodation, guided services, and the Nature Shop products.

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Payment Methods:
Payments are to be made in direct deposit to RSCN’s Bank account. Account number 26666/3/704, Arab bank / Jubaiha Branch; please send us the receipt at our fax or email address below to confirm your membership.
Communication  office,  Tel: +962-6-5157656/5157665 - Fax: + 962-6-5155195.

Membership Committee

Hakam Said:

Bio medical Engineer, working in the health sector in the Middle East area. I am interested in all activities that aim to protect wildlife and nature; my hobbies are hiking and camping in nature.

Sultan Murad:

Consultant engineer, interested in nature and wildlife, a member of associations and organizations in the field of environmental conservation in Jordan, the United States and Saudi Arabia. I love photography, camping and hiking in nature.

Khulud Eisawi:
I have a career in the banking sector and a passion for nature and environment. I aspire for green Jordan and increased awareness of the importance of preserving nature for generations to come. I am interested in planting, hiking, camping and travelling.

George Sakkab:
I work in the field of construction. I am a nature and wildlife enthusiast and I work hard to help preserve them in any way possible. I enjoy photography and natural living.

Reef Fakhouri:
My roots and experience are that of a local Arabic one, living and working in different areas around Jordan. I am a work in progress and trying to use my knowledge and experience in Marketing to better serve my passion for nature.