Over 55 years ago, while roaming Jordan’s familiar mountains, plains, and valleys in search of game, hunters began noticing a serious decline in wildlife, along with the deterioration that had slowly crept into the heart of some of the country’s most beautiful natural sites. In place of the vibrant wildlife they had become accustomed to, they came across an almost tangible feeling of scarcity – a shadow of a past still fresh in their minds. With these memories in hand, they were filled with a sense of purpose and a need for drastic action to reverse or at least control the unchecked damage that had been steadily threatening Jordan’s wildlife, and wild places.
The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) is a realization of these young hunters’ pioneering vision to protect and conserve Jordan’s nature; despite the limitations, such actions would inevitably place on their favorite pastime. What began in 1966 as a small society comprised of a few dedicated and inspired individuals, has now evolved itself into a locally, regionally, and internationally recognized environmental organization that is integral to the conservation of nature in Jordan. 

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