Workshop tackles wildlife protection legislation in Azraq Wetland Reserve

Thursday, August 12, 2021

The Royal Society for The Conservation of Nature (RSCN) held a workshop in Azraq Wetland Reserve (AWR) in central Zarqa governorate, on Wednesday, for a number of judges on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), according to an RSCN statement.
The event, part of a US-funded programme to develop the implementation of the CITES, discussed ways to activate wildlife protection and review the the related legislation, as well as developing the participants' capabilities in the CITES enactment, said the statement.
During the workshop, RSCN specialists spoke on the CITES approved in 1973, and ways to overcome the challenges facing its implementation, in addition to a detailed explanation of the RSCN's policy to grant fishing licenses and conduct inspection procedures.
Head of RSCN Protection and Fishing Regulation Department, Abdul Razzaq Hmoud, said the workshop aims to strengthen cooperation with the judiciary in dealing with violations in all its forms, whether hunting, trafficking, or acquisition of species that are prohibited from being traded or poached, and reviewing crimes related to living organisms listed on global protection lists.
The judiciary, he said, plays an "important" role in implementing the agreements signed by the Kingdom, especially in the field of wildlife protection.
Jordan had signed the CITES in 1978 to become the fourth Arab country to pen the convention.

Source: Petra