Urgent Actions to Strengthen the Balkan Population of the Egyptian Vulture and Secure Its Flyway


Funded by BirdLife International (2018-2023)

Jordan lies on the East Mediterranean Flyway that the Egyptian Vulture (EV) uses during its migration between its breeding grounds in Eastern Europe and the Balkan region to the wintering areas in Central Africa and the Sahara on the flyway. The flyway along the Jordan valley comprises some remarkable areas that are considered important for the EV for roosting during the migration. However, there are several threats that migrating species are facing on the flyway in route between their breeding and wintering areas ranging between poisoning by bad agricultural practices to illegal killing and trapping of bird species and the collision with infrastructures within the energy sector including pylons, energy transmitting network wind turbines as well as the threat of electrocutions.

RSCN as BirdLife Partner in Jordan, with its relation between the national authorities and the BirdLife in the Middle East is leading of implementing the national actions to protect this globally endangered vulture through the period of 2018 until 2023 to reduce loss of individuals due to power generation and power supply (wind turbine collision and electrocution) along the route of the flyway in the country. The aim of the project is to reinforce the easternmost European Egyptian Vulture population by delivering urgent conservation measures to address major known threats at breeding grounds and also along the flyway.