RSCN Strategy

Strategic objectives and directions (2015 – 2020):

RSCN’s team has developed a strategic plan for the organization that extends from 2015 to 2020. 

The following is a summary of the new strategy directions and objectives:

  1. Establishing  a national network of protected areas and increase the effectiveness of their management.
  2. Integrating conservation programs for important species and natural habitats into large development projects and land-use plans.
  3. Developing a national Conservation Monitoring Center, which aims to maintain a national database on biodiversity that regularly publishes a national report on status of biodiversity in Jordan as a means to influencing decision-making processes. 
  4. Redesigning protection and hunting regulation programs in order to direct efforts towards protected areas and important biodiversity areas.
  5. Developing socio-economic initiatives which are linked to the objectives of protected areas, with the aim of diversifying sources of income for the local community and gaining more support to protected areas management. 
  6. Developing comprehensive programs for ecotourism in protected areas according to the zoning plans and visitor management plans.
  7. Developing financial and management systems of income generation initiatives in partnership with the private sector, and monitoring these partnerships according to the best practices in this field internationally.
  8. Developing management plans for the Academy in Ajloun in order to offer high quality training programs to RSCN’s employees and other national and regional institutions.
  9. Developing a grass root program in order to secure political and financial support for RSCN’s programs.
  10. Developing relationships with national and international organizations in order to increase the interest in biodiversity conservation and improve related legislations.
  11. To develop a centralized management and information system to support decision making process in all RSCN’s departments.
  12. Monitoring RSCN’s institutional performance through dedicated planning sessions.
  13. Seeking to reach financial sustainability for all RSCN’s activities.