RSCN is implementing a training program targeting employees of the Royal Administration for Environmental Protection and Tourism - Tire

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature with the support of the German Hans Seidel Foundation has implemented a training program for employees of the Royal Administration for Environmental Protection and Tourism, a training workshop entitled "Training of trainers" -  skills for implementing the laws of nature protection, biodiversity and ecotourism) taking into account public safety requirements and defense orders.

The workshop lasted for 5 days in Ajloun Forest Reserve, Azraq Wetland Reserve and Shaumari Wildlife Reserve.

Association General Director Yahya Khaled said that the workshop aims to build the capacities of trainers of the Royal Administration for environmental protection and tourism in several vital areas to raise their capabilities and empower them in it.

Khaled indicated that among the topics covered in the workshop were the natural reserves and their importance in protecting biodiversity and biodiversity in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (plants - animals -birds), nature reserves and supporting local communities.

Khaled considered that this training program comes in conjunction with the nation's celebrations on the occasion of the Kingdom's centenary, indicating that the association has developed a plan to enter the second centenary armed with the achievements of the past and the ambition of the future to complete the association’s march, which has always been a bright spot in the achievements of our beloved country, considering that Jordan has made many achievements with few Resources and a lot of determination.

According to Abdul Razzaq Al-Hamoud, Director of Protection and Hunting Organization at the Society, the workshop aimed to empower participants in the Jordanian laws and legislations governing the environment, in addition to the international agreements signed by the Jordanian government, which are concerned with the protection of trade and the protection of wild species.

Al-Hammoud added that the course enabled the participants in ecotourism issues in general in the nature reserves. The course also included field visits in the Azraq Wetland Reserve and a safari tour in the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve.

Source: Libya Press