A Recovery of a Lanner Falcon Suggesting a Possible Movement Pattern in the Jordan’s Breeding Population

Mohammed Al Zoubi*, Ashraf  El-Halah, and Dr. Nashat A. Hamidan
*Corresponding author: mohammad.alzoubi@rscn.org.jo
The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, Conservation Monitoring Center, PO Box 1215, Jubaiha 11941, Jordan.

Abstract: The numbers of raptors admitted to the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature’s (RSCN) Rehabilitation Center have increased over the past decade, with a total of 140 raptors treated, ringed and released. Among these raptors is the Lanner Falcon Falco biamicus, which had been ringed and released on the third of August, 2017, after spending nearly 580 days in the Rehabilitation Center. 445 days following its release, a telephone call from a falconer was received confirming the capture of this individual Falcon in Al Hafirat, Madinah Province, Saudi Arabia, nearly 850 km away from the released site. This piece of information suggests the occurrence of a possible movement pattern of this species. The confiscation of juveniles’ lanner falcons over the past four years indicates that a possible breeding population still exists in Jordan. However, more detailed surveys are needed to confirm its breeding in Jordan in addition to modern tracking technology to determine the movement patterns of the species.

Keywords: Rehabilitation, Ringing, Saudi Arabia, Confiscation, Recovery.

Jordan Journal of Natural History, 6, (2019),  54-57.

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