Orchid Category

Orchids are some of nature’s most interesting flowers and the most common plant group in the world. They grow from the Arctic to the Equator to the southern hemisphere, on all the continents except Antarctica. Some orchids that grow naturally, however, are in danger of disappearing from Earth. In Jordan, 20 species of orchids have been recorded — a relatively large range considering the country’s various bio-geographical zones. These small flowers are diverse and are found growing abundantly in different places all over the Kingdom, thus as this category boasts plenty of small projects from all of the RSCN’s different reserves, the orchid is a fitting symbol.

Orchid Category’s Sponsor Benefits:

As a sponsor of one of the RSCN’s programs and projects listed in the Orchid Category, the sponsoring party will not only be publicly demonstrating their support for nature conservation, but will also be receiving the following benefits:

  • Tax deduction for the whole amount of fund.
  • Sponsor’s logo to be placed on all project-related publications (invitations, posters, t-shirts, etc.)
  • Media coverage through press releases in local press, radio and TV stations, the RSCN’s Website, newsletters, and social media channels.
  • Sponsor’s logo to be placed on the RSCN’s and Wild Jordan’s Websites under “Friends and Sponsors” section.
  • Sponsor recognition at the RSCN’s annual general assembly meeting and planned annual members' events.
  • Special 5% discount on the RSCN/Wild Jordan Nature Shop’s high quality handicrafts produced by local women residing in and around our nature reserves, including customized products for the sponsor’s giveaway needs for one year.
  • Special 5% discount on the RSCN’s eco-tourism services provided at the nature reserves for the sponsor's corporate trips for one year.
  • Recognition and awarding at the RSCN’s Donors Awarding Event.
  • Volunteering opportunities for the sponsor’s staff in executing the sponsored project.