Notes on the Pigeons and Doves (Family Columbidae) Occurring in the Gaza Strip – Palestine

Abdel Fattah N. Abd Rabou1* and Mohammed A. Abd Rabou2

* Corresponding author:
1 Department of Biology, Department of Environmental and Eart Sciences, Islamic Univeristy of Gaza, Gaza Strip, Palestine.
2 Department of Information Technology, University College of Applied Sciences, Gaza Strip, Palestine.

Abstract: Birds are the commonest terrestrial vertebrates among the fauna of the Gaza Strip. Hundreds of bird species have been recorded and more records are being added continually. Columbids (pigeon and doves), constitute a prominent component of birds, yet they have never been separately studied in the Gaza Strip. The current study aims at giving useful notes on the doves and pigeons occurring in the Gaza Strip. Field visits, observations, photography, and discussions with stakeholders were carried out to reach the goals of the study. Seven species of pigeons and doves were recorded in the Gaza Strip. The Rock Pigeon (Columba livia) was found to be the commonest while the African Collared Dove (Streptopelia roseogrisea) was the rarest. Different plumage colors of the Barbary Dove (Streptopelia risoria) are easily reared and traded in local zoos and pet shops. All pigeon and dove species are subject to poaching and hunting for different purposes including meat and pet trade. Finally, the study recommends raising ecological awareness among Gazans and the implemtation of protection measures in order to sustainably conserve bird fauna in the Gaza Strip.

Keywords: Bird fauna, pigeons, doves, Streptopelia, hunting, Gaza Strip.

Jordan Journal of Natural History, 6, (2019),  30-38.

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