Ibn Hammad

The area lies north of Karak, ranging in altitude between 800 m a.s.l and 380 m.b.s. Rocky mountainous slopes are cut by a wadi running to the Dead Sea at Ghor Haditha.  All that allow the area to support many threatened plant species including Epipactis veratrifolia as well as Moringa peregina .

The area supports a number of rare animals like the Hyena and Blanford Fox. The presence of several springs holds the presence of the nationally endemic fish species Gara ghorensis and Aphanius dispar.

The area is part of a larger IBA also named wadi Hammad – Haditha, where large numbers of migrant raptors pass every year.

Over – pumping and long drought periods have resulted in sinking the ground water levels, leading to dryness of wadi stream in summer time. The lower part of the area is used for intensive agriculture while the higher part of the wadi has a very high potential for ecotourism .