Jabal Masuda (proposed area 295 Km2)

The PA is located in the southern part of Jordan with a size of around 300sqkm, while the exact size and boundaries of the SCA will be agreed upon with consultation with relative stakeholders. Jabal Masuda, has an altitude range of almost 1300 meters, extending from 180m a.s.l in the west to an altitudes of 1500m a.s.l to the east.

 Jabal Masuda straddles three biogeographical zones; arid Mediterranean, Irano-Turanean and Saharo-Arabian. It lies in a region of the Southern Escarpment, Esh Sharrah Plateau and the Rift Valley Desert of Wadi Araba.

The area is very rugged, and the landscape is dominated by steep mountains and sandstone gorges.

In addition to its biodiversity value, the area is well known for its strikingly diverse, mixed and amazing landscape formations.

Overgrazing and woodcutting have had a significant impact on the site and have consequently affected tree and vegetation cover and related biodiversity.