Qatar (proposed area 49 Km2)

The size of the proposed PA is 49sqkm, the SCAs boundaries will be agreed on upon consultation with the stakeholders. Qatar mudflat area has a very small altitude ranging from 43m to 50m a.s .l . it has a very arid climate; receiving less than 50 mm of rain per year on average .

Qatar PA and SCA consist of a nice and unique combination of different habitats; a mudflat, a wetland, sand dunes and Acacia-dominated slopes.
The mudflat vegetation is unique to the area. The Acacia woodland to the east of the highway is widely regarded as being the most representative example of this habitat in Jordan.

The site also has a significant palm  tree community.

Many faunal species of special concern and significance were recorded in the area including Wolf, Desert Monitor, spiny-tailed Lizard, Lesser Kestrel and Egyptian Vulture.

Overgrazing and woodcutting are the major threats to the site. Further encroachment of Date Palm farms and water extraction to irrigate the farms are likely to affect the hydrology of the area and may threaten the wetland.