Fifa (proposed area 23.4 Km2)

It is located just to the south of the Dead Sea with a propsed size of 23sqkm but this is to be finalized in consultation with stakeholders. The PA altitude ranges between 340- 380 m below sea level .

Fifa consists of plains with sand and silt dunes covered with halophytic vegetation and sub-tropical vegetation. It has a saline soil wadi system with a small perennial stream that crosses from the south to the north and has created two oasis ecosystems. The site contains the last remnants of what was formerly a much larger area of vegetation characteristic of the Sudanian biogeographical zone.

Fifa was proposed as a protected area by RSCN in 1999. It is embedded within a larger IBA identified by BirdLife and RSCN. The site is already declared a rangeland reserve.

The unique oasis ecosystem in the area is a very important location for migratory birds. It includes more than seven plant species that are of conservation importance. The site is the only recorded locality in Jordan where the rare Siwak tree Salvadora persica occurs in considerable numbers.

Seven species of large mammals were recorded in the site including the Caracal and Striped Hyena. Around 100 species of birds have been recorded ; some are globally threatened such as the Corncrake Crex crex