Membership Benefits

Individual Membership (25 JOD per year)

• After two consecutive years of membership, an individual member is entitled to vote in elections.  After four years of consecutive membership, an individual member gains the right to run for the Board of Directors (n.b. this applies only to members who are Jordanian citizens) 
• Members are entitled to participate in all General Assembly activities. 
• Members will receive emails and announcements from the Public Relations office. 
• Members will receive RSCN’s monthly e-newsletter. 
• Members will get free access to all RSCN nature and biosphere reserves. 
• Members will receive a 15% discount on all reserve accommodation as well as discounts on all Nature Shop products. 
• Members will receive a yearly calendar of activities. 
• Members receive priority in all activities and events. 
• Members will receive a personalized membership card that is renewable annually.

Family Membership (40 JOD per year)

• Family memberships come with the same benefits as the Individual Membership category, but apply to every member of the family.

Corporate Membership (250 JOD per year)

• The company receives the right to cast one vote in elections. 
• The company will receive a 15% discount on products from socio-economic development projects. 
• The company will receive a 25% discount on meeting rooms at the Wild Jordan Center. 
• The company is offered the opportunity to host lectures and continuing education series for their staff. 
• The company will receive group discounts on eco-tourism activities in all of RSCN’s nature and biosphere reserves. 
• All company employees are automatically registered as Friends of RSCN and will receive all benefits thereof. 
• After receiving permission from RSCN, the company receives the right to use RSCN’s logo on corporate products, websites, and other marketing materials. 
• The company may sign up to receive RSCN’s monthly e-newsletter.

Life Long Membership (500 JOD Paid Once in Life)

• Long Life memberships come with the same benefits as the Individual Membership category.

Honorary Membership

• A company that has provided material or financial support to RSCN on an ongoing basis will be considered an honorary member.
• Each year, the company will receive a certificate signed by the President of The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. 
• The company will be honored and recognized at an annual recognition event.
• The company will receive media coverage and public recognition in the monthly e-newsletter for their cooperation and involvement with RSCN events.