Integrated Water Conservation and Management in Yarmouk Forest Reserve


Funded by the The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (2018-2021) 

The Royal Society for the conservation of Nature (RSCN) is implementing an integrated water resources management project in Yarmouk forest reserve and the surrounded areas. This project is funded by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. The overall goal of the project is “To apply an integrated water natural resources management approach in Yarmouk Forest Reserve that assures a long-term conservation and sustainable use of natural water system in the area”.

The project is based on a participatory approach and to encourage various relevant stakeholders and targeted local communities to reduce negative impacts on natural water system and its resources. The project will initiate a new approach to water conservation in Yarmouk Forest Reserve and it will contribute to the national and international effort in wetland and natural water ecosystem conservation and management by introducing this new integrated approach as a model that can be replicated in other areas in Jordan and in the Middle East region. The project will include activities related to integrated water resources management, including sustainable agricultural practices programs, as well as awareness and capacity building.

Yarmouk Forest Reserve is located in the north-western parts of Jordan, at the border with Golan hill.

The Goals:

  1. Conserve natural water ecosystems of national and global importance at Yarmouk Forest Reserve, and encourage ecologically sound and economically viable land use activities in Yarmouk catchment by effectively developing a conservation management plan that will reduce the negative effect on water natural ecosystems in Yarmouk Forest Reserve.
  2. Increase the level of awareness and understanding of the water conservation values and empower local communities’ targeted groups to participate effectively in conservation of natural water resources.
  3. Reduce the impact of unsustainable agricultural practices on water natural resources using alternative sustainable farming system enterprise that builds upon traditional knowledge in a participatory approach.