Facts and Figures


Dead Sea: It shrinks by nearly 1 meter annually

The Azraq Wetland is the only oasis in the Arabian Desert
with a self-replenishing system

Azraq Wetland is a major stop for migratory birds on the
African-Eurasian flyway.


Azraq Wetland is the only place in the world where you can
see this fish (Killifish)

Due to excessive pumping of water from the oasis to large
urban areas; And illegal drilling of wells.
25 million cubic meters of water are pumped annually from
the oasis to Amman and Zarqa 40 million cubic meters is
used for agricultural purposes in the Azraq Basin The Basin 
self- replenishes nearly 20 million cubic meters annually
Meaning that 40 million more cubic meters are pumped out
annually  than the Basin can refill One day soon, the oasis
in Azraq will DRY UP COMPLETELY, unless we do
something to stop it


- Mujib Biosphere Reserve contains over 300 species of plants.
- Forests make up less than 1% of Jordan’s land area.
- One hectare of wood lot absorbs about 3.7 metric tons of
  CO2 and releases 2.5 metric tons of oxygen.
- Ajloun Forest Reserve is home to the Persian Squirrel.