Qatar Nature Reserve

Qatar Protected Area lies in the southern part of Wadi Araba within the giant mountain of Aqaba, just north of the port city of Aqaba with an area of 110 square kilometers is characterized as having different heights ranging between 50 and 500 meters above sea level. Qatar was established with the express purpose of safeguarding protected trees, especially the acacia trees and the steppe vegetation type in which they grow. Rainfall is very minimal throughout the year and does not exceed 50 mm annually, making the area extremely dry. This dryness does not affect the diversity, however, and many plant and animal species have been recorded in Qatar, including 32 species of resident and migratory birds. The village of Qatar is the only village adjacent to the protected area and its residents are very important to the future of Qatar. Much of the population uses parts of the protected area for economic purposes, such as livestock grazing, firewood collection, and hunting. Therefore, their participation in the management of the region is a major goal of RSCN and a prerequisite for the sustainability of the protected area.