Biodiversity Information Management System (BIMS) as a component of the whole project entitled Biodiversity in Tourism Sector

The lack of information management system humbled the users of biodiversity data, in all mean of related activities such as environmental impact assessment, land use planning, public and academic researches, eco-tourism industry, etc…, this shortage of data accessibility is overloading RSCN to make these data available every time when these data are requested. Hence, the national need including RSCN interest to build up the management information system, met the priority of the GEF/UNPD project entitled: “Biodiversity in Tourism Sector”. One of this project outputs concentrate to apply on initial ecological surveys to inform Land Use Plans, serve as a platform for decision-making. Also act as a source of up-to-date knowledge on biodiversity and to update and maintain the BIMS, identify trends and ensure that any changes in biodiversity-important areas remain within acceptable limits; to include remedial measures that will be triggered by the monitoring” based on which this proposal was submitted to fill in the gap RSCN needs, and apply the project outputs.