Avifaunal baseline assessment of Wadi Al-Quff Protected Area and its Vicinity, Hebron, Palestine

Anton Khalilieh

Palestine Museum of Natural History, Bethlehem University, Bethlehem, Palestine
Email:  anton.sunbird@gmail.com

Abstract: Birds of Wadi Al-Quff protected area (WQPA) were studied during the spring season of 2014. A total of 89 species of birds were recorded. Thirty species were found to breed within the protected area (24 resident and 6 summer breeders), while the others were migratory. Three species of raptors (Long legged Buzzard, Short-toed Eagle and the Hobby) were found to breed within man-made afforested area, nesting on pine and cypress trees. Within the Mediterranean woodland patches, several bird species were found nesting such as Cretzschmar's Bunting, Syrian Woodpecker, Sardinian Warbler and Wren. Thirteen species of migratory soaring birds were recorded passing over WQPA, two of them (Egyptian Vulture and Palled Harrier) are listed by the IUCN as endangered and near threatened, respectively. In addition, several migratory soaring birds were found to use the site as a roosting area, mainly at pine trees. 
Key words: Birds; Palestine; Endangered species.

Jordan Journal of Natural History, 3, (2017),  58-69.

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