The numbers of breeding and migrant birds at RSCN Azraq Wetland Reserve 2004 to 2011

Peter M. Ellis
RSPB Scotland, Shetland Office, Sumburgh Head Lighthouse, Shetland, UK, ZE3 9JN.  
Abstract: The Azraq Oasis and Qa al Azraq Ramsar site were one of the most impor-tant and impressive wetlands in the Middle East, providing an invaluable resource to local people and wildlife. However, in 1993, the abstraction of water from the Azraq aquifer resulted in the oasis completely dying up. In 1994, the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) secured a sup-ply of water to establish the Azraq Wetland Reserve. RSCN has successfully restored part of the Azraq Oasis. This paper presents the results of a study to monitor the numbers of breeding and migrant birds using the Azraq Wet-land reserve between 1999 and 2011.  With a few exceptions, most species of breeding and migrant birds appear to have declined in numbers since 2004, probably as a result of the very dry conditions.
Key words:  Azraq; wetland; RSCN; migrant; breeding

Jordan Journal of Natural History, 1, (2014), 142-151.

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