Aqaba Bird Observatory

Aqaba Bird Observatory (ABO) is an important bird area that consists of various habitats; forest, bushies, desert and wetland habitats. These habitats which have a strategic location as the second important migratory birds’ pathway in the world (Greater Rift Valley) ensure attracting variety species of birds. The bird observatory constitutes a resting point for up to half a million birds annually and up to almost 250 different species.

The wetlands in ABO not only constitute suitable habitat for birds but are considered as a pioneer idea to reuse of the sewage treated water to create one of the most important birdwatching tourism products in Jordan and the region.

Since 2012, the Royal Society for the conservation of Nature is working in cooperation with ASEZA and Aqaba Water Company to maintain the sustainability of ABO habitats and open the location for public to try the experience of birdwatching which may give them an opportunity to see up to 70 different species in their day tour during the optimum time of migration seasons, spring and autumn.

Now, up to 10000 people; families, students, birdwatchers, individuals… are enjoying its impressive ecotourism experience.