‘Qualitative leap’ in adventure tourism seen at Ajloun’s Zip Line

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Zip Line at Ajloun forest reserve has brought “a qualitative leap” in adventure tourism, according to the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN). 

Launched by the RSCN and funded by Investbank earlier this year, the Zip Line has contributed in enriching the experience of the visitors of the reserve, mixing the beauty of nature with the experience of social tourism, through enjoying a walk in the forests and eating local food in the homes of the residents of the villages adjacent to the reserve, a RSCN statement said.

Ajloun’s 330-metre Zip Line kicks off at the Royal Academy for Nature Conservation, near the Ajloun Forest Reserve, and goes through the scenic green forests creating a window of opportunity to experience adventure tourism amidst the high green mountains. It is a nucleus of establishing a village for adventure games within the academy's square.

Othman Tawalbeh, director of the reserve, highlighted the importance of the Zip Line project, noting that it creates new jobs and attracts adventure tourism lovers to Ajloun, 70km northwest of Amman.

Ajloun Forest Reserve that covers 13 square kilometres is surrounded by oak, pine, wild pistachio trees and wild strawberry bushes.

The importance of Ajloun Forest Reserve is its strategic location that is home to 500 varieties of wild plants and 100 types of birds and wild animals, as well as 30 types of medical plants, in addition to more than 20 endangered creatures, according to the statement.

The reserve in 2018 welcomed 40,983 visitors, 30 per cent of them were non-Jordanians, while in 2019 the number increased to nearly 60,000.

Source: Jordan Times