Workshop held on bird conservation in wind energy harvesting

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The Ministry of Environment, in cooperation with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and through the Migratory Soaring Birds (MSB) project, held a workshop on bird conservation in wind energy harvesting. 

Representatives of wind energy companies in Jordan attended the workshop, titled International Best Practices for Bird Conservation in Operational Wind Energy in the Kingdom, according to a statement from the organisers. 

In his speech, Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment Raed Bani Hani emphasised Jordan’s leading role in the field of wind energy. 

Bani Hani said Jordan is distinguished in its application of the highest standards of studies that were applied during the various stages of development of these projects. 

The Ministry of Environment, in cooperation with the RSCN, has developed safeguard measures for the protection of migratory birds in wind energy projects. 

They established a national committee to follow up on the implementation of these procedures and finally has established a national database for bird monitoring programmes in energy projects, which is the “first of its kind” in the world, according to the statement. 

Ibrahim Khader, the regional director of Birdlife Middle East, highlighted the diversity of birds in the Middle East. This enhances the role of BirdLife International, and its partners, in protecting this great diversity, especially by working on identifying the Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas along the Rift Valley/Red Sea Flyway, read the statement. 

Tareq Qaneer, head of Birds’ Projects Management Unit at the RSCN, presented a comprehensive overview of the activities undertaken by Jordan to ensure the protection of birds in particular and wildlife in general in the wind energy sector. 

Eric Becker, regional industry director for the Middle East and North Africa at the IFC, praised the efforts made by Jordan in implementing optimal international standards. 

Laith El Moghrabi, a national expert in bird and biodiversity monitoring in wind energy and a member of the global review panel, delivered a lecture overviewing the various monitoring programmes that are implemented in wind power projects in Jordan. 

Simon Hulka, a wind sector biodiversity specialist at the International Finance Corporation, emphasised Jordan’s excellence in applying international standards and that international best practices for estimating mortality cases that are currently being prepared. 

The MSB project is funded by the Global Environment Facility, executed by the United Nations Development Programme  and implemented by BirdLife International.

BirdLife International is a global partnership of conservation organisations (NGOs) that strives to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources, according to its website.