RSCN forum builds network for environmental expertise exchange

Monday, November 8, 2021

 The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) on Saturday concluded the 5th Regional Forum for the Management of Reserves.

The forum, inaugurated on October 22, featured a number of environmentalists and workers in the relevant institutions from several countries, namely Syria, Palestine, Yemen and Jordan, according to an RSCN statement.

Through discussions and field visits to Jordanian reserves, the forum aimed to build a network to exchange expertise to bring about positive, tangible change pertaining to the management of protected areas and the conservation of biodiversity outside the reserves. 

Discussions focused on a set of topics, including the management of protected areas, comprehensive planning, environmental monitoring, eco-tourism, economic development, and integrating local communities into the environment protection programmes. 

During the closing ceremony, RSCN Director of the Biodiversity Monitoring Centre Nashaat Hmaidan said that the RSCN seeks to hold the forum on an annual basis, encouraging participants to keep in contact to exchange knowledge and expertise.  

RSCN Board Member Samir Bandak said that the RSCN indicated that the forum aims to create local, regional and international partnerships to improve reserve management. 

The 5th forum’s topics were characterised by “diversity and comprehensiveness”, including a combination of theory and practice, according to the statement.

Source: Jordan Times