RSCN attaches tracking devices to endangered birds

Monday, May 27, 2019

AMMAN — The Biodiversity Monitoring Centre at the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) has announced it has attached tracking devices to some birds with the aim of studying them and collecting information necessary to protect endangered species and maintain the ecological balance.

The centre, in a statement issued on Monday and cited by the Jordan News Agency, Petra, noted that the tracking devices are useful for sending the geographical coordinates of these species through identifying their migration routes and protecting these birds.

Jordan is among the first countries in the region to protect endangered species, and among the first Arab countries that have joined relevant international agreements, the centre said.

The RSCN, in cooperation with local and international experts, has tracked griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture and the houbara bustard.

These devices, according to the statement, help researchers track certain species through the special websites of service providers, which give motion direction and allow researchers to calculate the daily average of the motion range, favoured areas and breeding grounds.

Nevertheless, if unaware human mess with these devices, they can cause birds or animals harm or might even kill them as, the centre warned, adding that it is important to raise public awareness of these devices so that all can know about their types and shapes, noting that some devices are attached on the neck, back, leg, foot or wing.

Source: Jordan Times