Rare Griffon vulture released at Dana Biosphere Reserve

Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) on Saturday released the Griffon vulture, one of Jordan's rarest bird species, into the Dana Biosphere Reserve.

According to Dana Biosphere Reserve Director Amer Raffou, the species, which existed in Jordan in large numbers in the past, is on the brink of extinction and now no more than 20 birds exist in the southern heights of Dana, Shoubak and Petra, most of them had nests in Dana Reserve.

Director of the RSCN bird projects management unit Tariq Qanir cited key threats to the Griffon Vulture such as wind energy fan blades, electrocution and poisoning as well as the loss of their natural habitat to urban encroachment.

The RSCN, in partnership with international bird protection institutions, is implementing a series of projects to protect flying birds, include radical solutions to threats to these birds from productive sectors such as energy, agriculture, fishing, tourism and waste management.

Source: Petra