Explore Jordan's wilde places

Photo Gallereis

Dana Biosphere Reserve
View spectacular scenes of the life and land in Dana, with its breath-taking mountains and wadis. From scorching sand dunes in the west to cool mountain tops in the east, the Dana Biosphere Reserve is home to a great variety of wildlife.


Azraq Wetland Reserve
Experience the beauty of the eastern desert and its precious Azraq oasis; a hotspot of biodiversity and an important rest stop for a wide variety of birds along their migratory routes.


Mujib Nature Reserve
View Mujib’s inspiring fast-flowing rivers, magnificent canyons, and rugged highlands. See the nature of the reserve that lies at the lowest point on earth.


Ajloun Forest Reserve
Catch a glimpse of the Mediterranean-like hill country of Ajloun Forest Reserve, dominated by open woodlands of Evergreen Oak, Pine, Carob, Palestine Pistachio and Wild Strawberry tree.


Dibeen Forest Reserve
Enjoy exploring Jordan’s few remaining pine-oak forests, home to some of the oldest and largest Aleppo Pine trees in the Kingdom, which represent the southeastern geographical limit of this forest type.


Dead Sea Panoramic Complex
Capture views of this unique Complex that lies on the edge of the jagged Zara cliff, overlooking the Dead Sea, with stunning views over the holy land.


Local Communities
Meet local community members that live in and around Jordan’s nature reserves, who are working hand-in-hand with RSCN to conserve the country’s biodiversity for future generations of Jordanians.


Wadi Feynan
Experience the remote area in Wadi Araba, lying at western gateway of Dana Biosphere, with its archaeologically and naturally rich landscape.