Mainstreaming Plant Key Biodiversity Areas into the National Conservation Planning Framework

Funded by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership (2018-2021)

Project Goals:

  1. Enhancing knowledge base and understanding of plant KBA's within the Mediterranean hotspot of Jordan including maps and GIS data. This knowledge base will result in enhancing the decision making process relevant to the land use planning and management in and around plant KBA's.
  2. Enhancing governance setting and conservation status of plant KBA's by integrating them as "Natural Heritage" areas in the national land use plans, and by providing land use guidelines for both land use planners and licensing committees.
  3. Enhancing institutional capacity in mainstreaming biodiversity hotspots with focus on plant KBA's in the national land use-planning framework. A minimum of 15 land use planners and practitioners from the authorities responsible for the land use and development planning will be trained through the project.
  4. Enhancing capacity in identification and assessment of plant KBA's. A minimum of 15 researchers including graduate students will be involved in the plant KBA's review and update process which will offer a hands on learning experience for all the team under the supervision of a lead expert.
  5. Increasing areas of wisely managed plant KBA's (172417.7 hectares) covering Yarmouk, Ajloun and Dana KBA's, through conservation action plans with focus on plant KBA's.