INVESTBANK partners with RSCN to establish one of the longest Zip-lines in the Middle East in Ajloun Forest Reserve

Monday, July 22, 2019

INVESTBANK, the leading bank in Jordan in providing pioneering financial solutions, has partnered with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) to create one of the longest Zip-lines in the Middle East. The Zip-line, which will be located in Ajloun Forest Reserve, is envisioned to become the third longest Zip-line in region and second longest in Jordan.

Aiming to further extent the wider impact of sustainable projects in Ajloun that began 8 years ago, the Zip-line will encourage adventure tourism and provide a new space for the local community and visitors to enjoy the nature of Ajloun. The revenue generated from the project will support other projects that ultimately benefit the local community in and around Ajloun Forest Reserve. The project will be run by RSCN providing the local community with a sustainable source of income, while the money generated from the project will be utilized for other schemes that serve INVESTBANK’s Organic Farming in Ajloun Forest Reserve.

INVESTBANK CEO, Muntaser Dawwas, remarked, “We are happy to partner with RSCN yet again for this key project that will promote job-creation for the local community through mitigating the adverse impact of high unemployment rates and increase locals revenue in order to help them face any current and future challenges that may arise.” He emphasized that “this initiative will contribute to socio-economic development objectives through training sessions, enhanced capacity building and youth and women involvement in particular.”

The implementation of this project will start in July 2019, and represents INVESTBANK’S vision to support the local community,expand the beneficiaries base and serve other local initiatives. As a key local and tourist attraction in Jordan, the Bank has embraced impactful sustainable development initiatives in Ajloun over the past few years, by supporting Al Shams Farmer's Market organic farming project and the newly launched eco-friendly educational children’s play area, which was opened this summer.

Yahya Khalid, the Director General of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, said that the partnership with INVESTBANK is a realistic embodiment for the social responsibility with the private sector, led by INVESTBANK, seeks to achieve sustainable development of local communities.

Mr. Khalid added “this initiative is helping directly in achieving the RSCN’s mission, by hiring new employees from local communities. From this point, we would like to thank the INVESTBANK for the great support, which affect directly the contribution for the economic development and sustainability for the local communities”