Jordan needs your help

Our wildlife and beautiful landscapes are in ever-increasing danger. Every day habitats and species are being damaged or destroyed by uncontrolled development pressure, over hunting and intensive agriculture.
We need people to show they care and provide the public support our natural heritage vitally needs to endure to the next generation.

Join Us – Become a Friend of RSCN

By signing up today to become a Friend of RSCN, you are showing that you care about Jordan’s environment – and it needs all the friends it can get! 
The more Friends we have the more we can show the government and the Jordanian public that people really do care about Nature.

What do Friends share?

The main thing we will share is a love of nature and a desire to contribute to its protection.  But we also offer some direct benefits for Friends, which include:

  • A 25% discount on reserve entrance fees and 10% discount on Nature Shop purchases
  • A chance to socialize with other Friends and Members through trips and events

 Information through our monthly RSCN e-newsletter

  • Opportunities to work with us directly through volunteerism, fund-raising, and outreach campaigns

Being a Friend is simple and free

All you need to do is give us your name and email and we will do the rest.