Fifa Nature Reserve

Integrated ecosystem management in Jordan (Rift Valley) has established a number of natural reserves along the valley. Fifa Nature Reserve has been established within this project, which follows the programme of The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. Fifa was declared a reserve on 13-7-2011, and is located in the southwest of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is 140 km south of Amman and its western border it the international border between Jordan and The West Bank. Fifa Nature Reserve covers an area of 26 km². It stretches from the Chatters area in the north to the Khnezira area in the south. The lowermost point of the reserve is 420 m below sea level.

Fifa Nature Reserve is home to two important plant patterns: the salt plant pattern and the tropical plant pattern. As well as these the reserve protects seven endangered plant and animal species, such as the Arak plant, lynx and hyena. Sudanese characteristics prevail throughout the reserve with its semi- desert system and high temperatures. The biodiversity of the flora and fauna has been able to survive the difficult conditions. The reserve is home to 4% of all plant species and 8% of the animal species in Jordan.