The biodiversity value of olive groves in Palestine

Simon Awad1 and Omar Attum2*

1. Environmental Education Center (EEC/ELCJHL), Bethlehem, Palestine.
2. Indiana University Southeast, New Albany, Indiana, USA
* Corresponding author email:

Abstract: Traditional olive groves and other forms of agriculture are a dominant feature of the Palestinian landscape.  However, the biodiversity value of these areas needs to be better understood.  This study compares the tree and bird richness of olive groves and field agricultural sites in Beit Sahour of Bethlehem, Palestine.  A total of sixteen bird species were recorded, with fourteen species observed in olive groves and¬ six species observed in the field agricultural sites.  Olive groves had significantly higher tree and bird richness than field agricultural sites.  Our results corroborate other studies that suggest olive groves have biodiversity value as a cultural landscape.

Keywords: Agriculture, Birds, Cultural landscapes, Olive groves, Palestine.

Jordan Journal of Natural History, 4, (2017),  29-36.

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